f bag.png It’s a clear night and Phoebe and the priest are sitting on a bench, drinking beer can like two college students who are avoiding returning to their dorms. She likes him so much, and keeps looking at him while he stares into the distance.

He says “you’re good for me” — and she turns her whole body to him.

Then he finishes the sentence — “because you make me question my faith.”

Devastating. No confession of love is happening here.

She knows her role as a friend, only and says “do you ever have doubts?” in the most casual way that ever casualed.

He tells her, “we’re not going to have sex” — he practically yells it. He breaks the careful roles they’ve constructed for each other. But the way he says it — it feels inevitable, to both of them. That the rising tension of their bond would lead to the boiling pot spilling over, like this.

Phoebe goes to her safe place — the place where she speaks directly to the camera, to us. But he sees through this too, and says, “where did you go?”

All the conventions and safety nets and methods Phoebe has, for protecting herself and her true feelings, are crumbling. This, too, is inevitable.