I went and waited a half hour in line at tofu shoten because my exact thinking was that other Asians love soft tofu dessert and I should get on board. And the shop ppl were so lovely we had a nice exchange about their relocation and I got three items. Then I sat in the market and ate the tofu and it had peanuts on it that I didn’t want so I kept them in my cheeks like a chipmunk with each bite until the end when I held my breath and chewed them all up and swallowed. I had to fucking snarf that expensive tofu there was so much of it and I wanted to walk. I also had to chug my red sugar soy milk because my hands were busy!!

I walked through the deli. I was here the other day and there was a lady hawking samples but no one wanted them. The guy working at the store told her to hang in there and the lady looked pissed, she said “I know” like she did not want an ounce of pity. I heard it too so I knew that was embarrassing, it’s humiliating being overheard for breaking the fourth wall.

Anyways. This time I came across a lady with samples of Brie but I didn’t stop because I fully wasn’t going to buy anything. But I was just so peckish for something savory so I came back and feigned disinterest in the Brie and allowed her to suggest it to me. As I chewed the Brie the lady tried to sell me a package and I said “hm not now it’s too heavy for me at the moment” and she lost interest in me FAST. I can’t remember if I heard a hmph or not but probably I did.

But actually when I tasted that fucking Brie, it was so GOOD I was like this just fucking hits that fucking spot. It was so like a bit stinky and creamy and the flavor was so strong and beautiful. I could easily sit on the couch w a triangle of that and a baguette and I would be so so happy. I still might go back to buy it and do that later. It just fucking was so good.

So I’m sorry to the tofu people and also to my culture as well but I fucking was so obsessed w this Brie even though I know my intestinal system will reject it. Is that a sign? My body doesn’t want it because it’s not for my Asian innards? But it does want it. I thought of my friend who is currently discovering new cheeses in Italy and I thought of the joy she gets from cheese…. she would get it.

Idk how to describe good tofu just like… soft? Texture held together? Not like raw tasting? But it didn’t do anything for me. The appeal of a place like “tofu shoten” just like, a lot of ppl get this thing wrong and we’ve got it right. But that Brie was like… showing off. Damn. Just different mediums I guess. And just exactly what I wanted to eat. I’m never really in the mood for a well-made slice of tofu… though it may happen someday I suppose.