One of the most tragic things about life is not being able to fully do the thing in the amount of time you’d prefer to do it. Like if I camp in a car with my friends and then wake up before them and it’s sunrise and I walk close enough to the ocean that the waves spray my knees, I want to maximize that experience, you know? I want to offer my absolute attention so that I can be transformed.

I take a picture. I say, “a picture cannot capture such a thing.” Someone says: “such a cliche” but we know I will still say it all the time because my statement is true and I can’t describe it any other way. I like that it’s a cliche because all cliches are true.

If I can’t bathe myself in this moment then what is it but yet another gorgeous setting and convergence all wasted on me? I, who was blessed enough to witness such a thing.

The excess beauty goes down the drain. We worry that it isn’t safe to have a vessel of experiences held by just one person.